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Church of San Trovaso

As Giuseppe Tassini tells us, the church was built in the early days after the foundation of Venice, and it immediately became a parish church. It was rebuilt in 1028 by the Barbarigo and Caravella families, and in 1105 the church was renovated. It collapsed in 1583, and from 1584 it was rebuilt in seven years, with consecration taking place in 1657. A particular feature of the building is its double façade, one facing the Campo San Trovaso and the other facing the rio by the same name. On June 18th, 1785 a "pupil of the said Church,” Antonio Vescovi, directed a mass and vespers with orchestra, composed by him. The church houses a Callido organ (1765) with two keyboards and 32 registers, placed on a very spacious wooden choir. In the marble bas-relief of Maestro di San Trovaso (1470) two lutes are clearly visible, as well as a tambourine and a viella. In the Wedding of Cana by Andrea Vicentino, there is a rare representation of a Renaissance transverse flute (showing multiple holes instead of the customary six) with a singer and a viola da gamba. The painting could represent the performance of a frottola, the predominant genre of popular Italian song throughout the 15th and early 16th centuries, the largest number of which were composed from 1470 to 1530.

Church of San Trovaso
Fondamenta Bonlini 380
30123 Venice

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